Congratulations on the success of WinKong-Techcross BWMS Training Center(China) Opening Ceremony & WinKong Blue Technology Conference

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(Summary description)

Congratulations on the success of WinKong-Techcross BWMS Training Center(China) Opening Ceremony & WinKong Blue Technology Conference

(Summary description)

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——The Market Demanded Change We Deliver On Your Expectations
WinKong-Techcross BWMS Training Center(China) Opening Ceremony & WinKong Blue Technology Conference were held in Qingdao on July 9thMore than 40 experts and scholars in the shipping industry and representatives of shipowners and more than 60 employees who were in Qingdao from WinKong Marine Engineering Co., Ltd participated in the conference.
At beginning, Wenkong Lee, General manager of WinKong Marine Engineering Co., Ltd, made a welcome speech to the opening ceremony and conference, expressed his sincere gratitude to all the guests. Mr. Wayne Park, CEO/President of Techcross, also expressed his congratulation and issued the license of WinKong-Techcross BWMS Training Center(China), and officially start the Training Center together with Mr. Wenkong Lee.
Mr. WenKong Lee, General Manager of WinKong Marine, made a welcome speech
Mr.Wayne Park, President of Techcross, made a speech on the conference
Mr. Yu Shan, General manager of Qingdao Winning International Ship Management Co., Ltd., delivered a speech as the representative of shipowners
WinKong-Techcross BWMS Training Center is established in WinKong Qingdao Workshop, the first Training Center of Techcross BWMS in China, with Fresh water solution and ex-proof type TRO sensor. The establishment of WinKong Training Center for Techcross BWMS, shows how much attention did Techcross pay to China Market, WinKong has been supporting Techcross to complete the one-stop solution of Sales, Commissioning & After sales service, Spares, Retrofit Design & Engineering and Training Center, ensure the Thoughtful Service to be provided to customers in time.
Following the Training Center Opening Ceremony, the WinKong Blue Technology Conference hosted by WinKong Marine proceeded in order, the professors of famous universities, experts of Class society, BWMS maker has provided specific presentation,  such as BWMS, Exhaust gas treatment technology, Marine New technology & Navigation etc. which promoted the experience exchanges and communication, and support owner to deep learn the new technology for better decision-marking. 
Professor Mr. Kitae Rhie from Kyung Hee University of Korea, a member of IMO GESAMP gave a talk on BWMS Technology & Management with Operational information of Practice.
Professor Liu Guangzhou from Shandong University, gave the deep analysis on the ship exhaust gas treatment.
Professor Zhang Guichen from Marine College of Shanghai Maritime University, talked about the application of new technology and navigation.
Mr. Chen Jianxin from DNV-GL made a detail analysis of BWMS Technology. The attendee made an active discussion in this aspect.


Then Mr. Eric Joo form Techcross introduced their BWMS(Electro-Cleen System), which made the guests had a full understanding of ECS products.
Mr. Dongjin Lee, the General Manager of Techcross After sales, analyzed the CS & AS  workload from 2019-2025 and explained the Strategy Plan made between WinKong Marine, he also further introduced the training program and operation of BWMS training center.
Ms. Vicky Wu, Deputy General manager of WinKong Marine, shared the BWMS Retrofit Market and Technology Analysis with everyone at the scene.
All the guests verified the successful opening of Winkong-Techcross BWMS training center in the workshop, and visited the ballast water training base and WinKong Electronically Controlled Engine FIVA valve & HPS pump testing platform, and answered the technical questions on site.
The technical conference was held around new technology in marine engineering field and marine technology, which set up a bridge of technical exchanges and cooperation for experts and scholar from shipping area. We appricated the support from all friends who shared the value resources. It is also a valuable learning opportunity for WinKong Marine, which harvested quite abundant and made perfect sense.
At last, Mr. WinKong Lee quoted Tagores’s poetry Born as the bright summer flowers
 as the summary speech,
I believe I am
Born as the bright summer flowers
Do not withered undefeated fiery demon rule
Heart rate and breathing to bear the load of the cumbersome
In this midsummer season, the flowers are in full bloom, just like the development of Chinese ship technology, with superb innovation and fruitful achievements. The Market Demanded Change We Deliver On Your Expectations

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