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We have many cases of PANAMA FAIRLEAD RETROFITTING. We can provide a complete modification plan of PANAMA FAIRLEAD RETROFITTING for customers, prepare the submitted documents and drawings, and submit documents and drawings to the Panamanian authorities for review.



Scrubber Retrofit 3D Scanning,Engineering Design,Material & Pipe Fabrication,Electrical Modification,Supervision and Commissioning service.


WAPS Retrofitting

WAPS can effectively promote the development of environmentally friendly and low-carbon ships in the future. The full application of WAPS technology enables the ship to reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions throughout ship’s life cycle. Vertical sails are installed on the deck to provide power, and a folding system allows the sails to flatten on the deck, allowing ships to pass under bridges and wharf bridge.WAPS technology also provides a viable solution for ships to meet EEXI requirements.


Providing BWMS Turnkey Service for Sales, Design, Retrofit, Supervision, Elec. Modify, Commissioning, etc, no extra integrator, achieve high efficiency & accuracy of retrofit within vessel schedule.

Detailed Services are listed as following, 

1. Sales of BWMS:Delivery date: 3~4 months, can be shortened to 2 months according to the urgent request of clients;

2. 3D Scanning & Preliminary/Concept report:The report can be provided within 1 week with 3D modeling;

3. Design & Class approval: Approval drawing & Production drawing can be completed within 2 weeks, incl. PNID, pipes ISO drawing, Electric diagram, etc;

4. Pipe Fabrication & Material Supply: Pipe fabrication can be finished within 2-3 weeks, including valves, cables and other accessories;

5. Retrofit on voyage: Providing the retrofit service when vessel is at port + anchorage + sailing, satisfying the urgent request of BWMS retrofit with the economic cost;

6. Supervision: Either Machinery Project Manager or Electric Project Manager can be dispatched,  providing the project management for whole process regarding the installation accuracy, installation efficiency, communication with yard/maker/workers, etc;

7. Electric Modification: Providing the electrical modification of MSBD, AMS, GPS, VRC(Valve Remote Control system), Pump signal, Fan signal, etc with approval of related makers;

8. Commissioning;

9. BWMS Troubleshooting;

10. Sensor Annual Calibration: such as TRO sensor, UV Lamp, Flow meter, Salinity Sensor, Temperature Sensor, Pressure Sensor, Gas Sensor, etc;

11. Crew Training: at onshore Training Center;

12. Spares Supply;

13. Ballast Water Sampling and Analysis:

①  IMO D-2 Commissioning Biological Test: both Indicative analysis and Detailed analysis can be provided, the related report can be provided within 3days.

②  USCG VGP Ballast water sampling & analysis.

FGSS Retrofitting

FGSS Retrofitting Design : FGSS is an independent natural gas supply system for Marine LNG or LNG/ diesel dual fuel engine. The system uses LNG as raw material and transforms LNG into fuel gas to meet certain intake requirements for the main engine through pressurization, vaporization and other technological process.
The LNG gas supply system mainly includes: LNG storage and monitoring system, LNG filling station, LNG gasification/heating system, heating cycle system, LNG filling and gas supply pipeline, control system and safety system. LNG is a clean energy source that not only improves energy efficiency, and also reduces carbon emissions.

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