Noise & Vibration Measurement

Product description

Ship sailing need the running power from propeller, main engine, propulsion systems and other machinery and auxiliary machinery such as fans and pumps, but the mechanical work of noise and vibration is large, the hull under the influence of these devices has a higher risk of hull structure damage problems if work for a long time, and seafarers working in such working conditions are prone to physical health problems.

The MSC338 requires that noise and vibration detection be carried out in the seafarers' living quarters. Based on the noise and vibration detection, the noise and vibration of the ship's mechanical equipment can also be analyzed. By collecting the noise and vibration signals while sailing with the ship, the spectral analysis can be carried out to analyze the vibration source.

The highest comfort rating number achieved for noise or vibration will determine the overall rating for noise and vibration, e.g. a ship meeting crn 2 for vibration and crn 1 for noise will be denoted crn 2.

For ships to be operated at DP (Dynamic Positioning) mode or if manoeuvring thrusters are intended for continuous operation for longer periods, the stated noise and vibration requirements shall be satisfied with the manoeuvring thrusters in operation.

107 For passenger ships the given comfort rating number applies to the passenger areas only. The crew areas shall as a minimum comply with crn 3 for cargo ships.

Noise Testing

The measuring positions shall be selected such as to give a representative description of the noise situation on board the ship. Since the noise levels normally are higher close to the major sources such as propellers, stabilizers, thrusters and main/auxiliary engines, a higher density of measuring positions will be required in areas near noise sources.

Vibration Testing

The measuring positions shall be selected such as to give a representative description of the vibration situation on board the ship.



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