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1.IMO D-2 Biological Efficacy Analysis of BWMS Commissioning Test

The 75th session of the IMO Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC 75) approved the2020 Guidance for the commissioning testing of ballast water management systems (BWM.2/Circ.70/Rev.1). 

The purpose of commissioning testing, sampling and analysis are to validate the installation of BWMS properly.
Local ambient water should be used for testing regardless of the level of challenge it poses to the BWMS.
Representative samples should be analyzed for the two size classes of organisms, namely ≥ 50 μm, and ≥ 10 μm to < 50 μm, as specified in the D2 standard, using indicative analysis methods.
The collection and analysis of the representative samples should be independent of the BWMS manufacturer or supplier.


Detailed analysis&Indicative analysis:
① Detailed analysis: IMO D-2 commissioning test requires to analyze the organism ( ≥50 μm & 10~50 μm ) within 6 hours after taking the samples. Biological researchers will identify and count the organism under the microscope.
② Indicative analysis:Indicative analysis refers to that biological researchers to conduct the analysis by fast detection equipment after taking the samples.



Mobile labs can break region limitation and guarantee the test running smoothly at any ports or ship yards in China. Besides,the biggest advantage of Mobile Lab is that biological researcher can conduct detailed analysis immediately once the indicated analysis is failed, which can help vessel to get the IBWMC in her this port/ship yard/voyage, which saved the second testing cost and time for her next voyage.

Lab equipped with Mobile Labs can guarantee the test to carry out within the required time and provide the testing in any ports and ship yards in China.


2.VGP ballast water testing

The Final 2013 VGP specifies that vessels using a ballast water management system must sample and analyze ballast water for the following biological indicators,

• Total heterotrophic bacteria
• E. coli
• Enterococci

BWMS that use Active Substances also need monitor residual biocides and derivatives in discharged ballast water. The indicators that need to be sampled and analyzed for systems using different active substances are as follows.

To ascertain compliance with the effluent limitation, EPA is establishing compliance monitoring.

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