FMEA (Failure Mode Effect Analysis) for DP System

Product description
Dynamic Positioning System is closed-loop control system, which compensate environmental disturbances including wind, waves, current and swell by using a vessel’s thrusters to fix the vessel’s position and heading.
“Annual survey should be carried out within three months before or after each anniversary date of the initial survey. The annual survey should ensure that the DP-system has been maintained in accordance with applicable parts of the guidelines and is in good working order”
--- IMO MSC /Circ.645
“In the case of newbuilds, if DP FMEAs are within the shipyard’s scope of supply, owners are recommended to ensure that there are contractually binding agreements for the FMEA to meet specifications set out in IMCA Guidelines, M166. M178, M04/04 and Annex and preferably be carried out by an independent third party DP FMEA practitioner.”
--- MTS “DP Operations Guideance”
We provide comprehensive Dynamic Positioning consultancy services incluidng
-DP FMEA Analysis for Newbuilds -DP FMEA Proving Trials 
-DP FMEA Annual Audits
-DP FMEA GAP Analysis
-CAMO, TAM, ASOG and DP Operation Mannuals
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