Hans Jensen Cylinder Lubrication System

Product description
WinKong Marine can provide the solution for newbuilding vessels main engine cold corrosion problem, as well as the cylinder lubricating system retrofit plan for existing vessels slow steaming by Hans Jensen lubricators and SIP valve(swirl injection principle).
Solution for Cylinder Lubricating System Retrofit Plan for existing vessels slow steaming
● Plan A: HJ Mechtronic + SIP
● Plan B: HJ Lubtronic + SIP
● Plan C: HJ BHP regulation
● Plan A: HJ Mechtronic + SIP
HJ Mechtronic is an electronic regulation module, which can be retrofitted on existing mechanical lubricators, and has the ability of converting cylinder lubrication into being load dependent and automatically controlled by computer. The feedrate also can be adjusted according to the concentration of sulphur oil. Therefore, it is a very suitable solution when slow steaming with short retrofitted time approx. 20hrs, the feedrate can be adjusted to 0.8g/kwh~0.6g/kwh.
HJ SIP is a patented and revolutionary lubrication --swirl injection principle, where fresh cylinder oil is supplied with each ascending piston stroke and sprayed directly onto the upper liner wall, where it benefits the most in terms of lubrication and acid neutralization.
With an HJ Mechtronic SIP solution, you can reach very low feed rates, excellent cylinder conditions with load dependent lubrication. 
   HJ SIP Working Priciple   
 HJ Mechtronic                 HJ SIP Working Principle             SIP Valve
 Plan B: HJ Lubtronic + SIP
    HJ Lubtronic is an electronically controlled cylinder lubricator, hydraulically driven. It injects the fresh cylinder oil with each ascending piston stroke of the engine.
● Plan C: HJ BHP regulation
HJ BHP Regulation is the addition of a mechanical regulation module, which will be retrofitted on existing mechanical lubricators and connected with fuel regulation shaft then makes possible load dependent lubrication instead of the present RPM dependent lubrication. The advantages are adjustment of cylinder oil consumption according to engine load, economical savings and reduced risk of over- or -under lubrication particularly when slow steaming or operating at varying loads. It is a cost efficient solution, and an easy modification, which can be done within approx. 20hrs. with great advantages.
Solution for Newbuilding vessels Main Engine Cold Corrosion Problem -- HJ Lubtronic SIP
Please refer to the test result of joint comparison project carried out by MAN Diesel & Turbo, where HJ Lubtronic SIP has been tested against engine designers’ standard solution.

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