Techcross Ballast Water Management System

Product description
WinKong Marine has been authorized as Techcross BWMS sales agent since 2009 and started to be the service agent in 2012. Last year, WinKong Marine become as Techcross China Service station, who is the exclusive service agent in China for Techcross BWMS commissioning, after service and retrofit. 
Work Principle
ECS adopts the principle of electrolysis to effectively disinfect ballast water. With the application of electric currents to the titanium electrodes, the electric potential produced increases disinfection efficacy by destroying cell membranes of microorganisms as a result of generating voltage. In addition, OH- radicals generated during the electrolysis procedure by the electrodes also disinfect microorganisms. Through electrolysis, sufficient amount of TRO is generated, preventing the re-growth of micro-organisms and maintaining disinfection efficacy.
Leads you to reasonable choice for BWMS retrofit
● Flexible installation, Small footprint, can be installed separately and integrally
● Low pressure loss, max. pressure drop is 0.3bar
● Low operating cost, low power consumption: 3.4kw per 100m3/hr
● Low maintenance cost, long expected life time of electrodes.
● Strong reference and experience, total contract order is up to 950 vessels and delivered for more than 600 vessels.
● Total 18weeks to be needed for completing all the retrofit work since on board survey. 



[NYK] 91K BULK CARRIER ECS2000Bx2sets in E/R  [STX] 73K BULK CARRIER ECS1200Bx1set in E/R


3D Scanning & Design

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