Bari-Ship 2023 | Digitalization and Decarbonization, Green Harmony with Ocean

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Bari-Ship 2023 | Digitalization and Decarbonization, Green Harmony with Ocean

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Bari-Ship 2023 is going to be held on 25-27 May in Texport Imabari.Imabari is located at Shikoku Island Japan, its heartland of shipbuilding, maritime and related financial industry, and it is regarded as Japanese maritime hub surrounded by 70 ocean shipping companies, 210 inland river transport companies,14 shipyards and 160 ship equipment makers. Besides, independent shipowners based in Imabari and neighboring Ehime Prefecture own 830 ships, about one-third of Japan ocean-fleet. This maritime exhibition aim to offer shipbuilding techniques, ship equipment and other related product and service for shipbuilding industry. It's one of the Asian and world best-known exhibitions, gathering 215 mainstream shipbuilding companies and world-class equipment makers.

Winkong Marine Engineering Co., Ltd. attends this maritime exhibition as an exhibitor, themed "Digitalization and Decarbonization, Green Harmony with Ocean". As a global maritime service excellence provider of one-stop engineering solutions, Winkong Marine insists "focusing on full-life cycle service, enables supply chain, and service industrial chain". Surrounded by "Serve Customers, Empower Enterprise", Winkong Marine established Marinsmart platform and Marincare IIoT to apply ship digitalization, energy saving and emission reduction, maritime engineering technical service, digital management and digital workshop and many other scenes. Based on network communication infrastructure, centered on Marincare focusing on "person, machine, material, ship" to comprehensively develop digital ship on multi-scenes, Winkong Marine is also applying intelligent shipyard to promote technology through practice, conclude practical plan through cooperation and constantly enrich system integration solutions.

Winkong Marine Engineering Co.,Ltd. insists commercial values of customer-oriented:outstanding customer experience with touchpoints and datapoints;  partner-oriented: loyalty and win-win together, and builds global marine service. With this exhibition, Winkong Marine expects to cooperate with more global partners to embrace new opportunities from global industrial structure optimization during digital and two-carbon economic times, and jointly build luxuriant industrial ecology to open a new chapter for maritime industry.

Winkong Marine looks forward to meet you at Bari Ship




5月25日—5月27日 25-27 May


Texport Imabari

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