Near Miss ship safety cartoon (10)

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Near Miss ship safety cartoon (10)

(Summary description)

  • Categories:Trade News
  • Author:MarinSmart Expert Committee
  • Origin:MarinSmart Platform
  • Time of issue:2022-05-11 17:10
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A is grinding workpiece with angle grinder, while B is welding and C is sourting out things.

1. Once the angle grinder breaks, the fragments could hurt A, B and C.
2. Welding sparkles could hurt A and C’s eyes.
3. Particles splashing from angle grinder could hurt B and C’s eyes.
4. A might be tripped by welding cables.


They are connecting oil pipe.

1. A and B might be injuried by crane because of misoperation.
2. C might be tripped by rope under foot.
3. When wrench is off nut, A mighg fall down.
4. The oil pipe might hurt A and B while off the crane hook.


They are pouring fuel into cargo tank from drip pan.

1. The tools in drip pan might fall into cargo tank.
2. A might flip and fall by deck oil.
3. B might fall into the cargo tank with drip pan, if A falls down and B can’t catch drip pan.
4. When A falls down, B might bump into hatch because of gravity from grip pan.


They are closing the hatch.

1. Standing on a moving hatch, they might lose balance to fall into cabin.
2. A might be trapped by hatch with working on the edge.
3. Once the hatch moves suddenly, B might fall down with one hand in pocket.


They are preparing combined ladder.

1. A might lose balance and fall into ocean because of ship sway.
2. If B doesn’t notice A’s gesture when operating winch and he puts accomodation ladder too low, A might fall into ocean when ocean wave hit ladder.


A is embarking, while B is examining equipments and accessories during boat drill.

1. If A jumps on lifeboat without warning first, B might lose balance to fall into ocean because of swaying lifeboat.
2. If the lifeboat sways, A and B might fall into ocean.
3. They might hurt their heads by davit while operating it.


They are cleaning rust on high bridge plate (like hanging scaffold).

1. B mgiht fall down from swaying bridge plate.
2. The uncovering tools might fall down from tool box to hurt people below.
3. A’s safe belt is tied on rope of bridge plate, if he moves with bridge plate, which might cause B fall down.
4. If the bridge plate rope breaks, A and B would fall down to the ground.


They are checking packed reefer container.

1. A might drop iron accidently to hit B.
2. B might be tripped by cable of reefer container.
3. If the material to fix container fall down, they might hurt A and B.


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