Shandong maritime leadership adjustment, transformation and upgrade to the IPO?

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Shandong maritime leadership adjustment, transformation and upgrade to the IPO?

(Summary description)

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Shandong ocean shipping (835589), which was listed on the new third board, issued a notice of change of executives o12thSeptember . The notice declared as following:

    The chairman ChenghaiFan , resigned from his job and transferred to other provincial management companies. The director and general manager,  Dawei Wang, resigned from the position and transfered to the company's controlling shareholder, Shandong Ocean Group Co., Ltd, and Changfeng Gao was appointed as the new general manager. According to the relevant information, Chenghai Fan has moved toward to Shipping Group of Shandong province, Dawei Wang transferred to the Shandong Ocean Group as deputy general manager, the board secretary, who is no longer the general manager of Shandong Ocean Shipping after this adjustmentthat is to say, it is the normal personnel flow between enterprises in Shandong province.


At the same time, seaborne board of Shandong hold a general meeting of shareholders to recommend BingYu & Changfeng Gao to be elected on board. So the path of Shandong Ocean is very clear: Changfeng Gao took over DaWangs responsibility as company director, and Yu Bingze was propably to take over Chenghai Fans responsibility to be as chairman of the  company.


Shandong Ocean mainly operates bulk cargo international ocean shipping business. Size of the fleet of the company at present ranked the 4th of China, operating and managing the world's largest 400,000 ton ore carrier investing and building the world's first 250000 ton ore ship, and formed the largest LPG fleet of ship which took up great market share in domestic market.


The overall development level of dry bulk shipping market was significantly better than that of the same period in last year, benefiting from improved global commodity demand. In the first half of 2017, the Baltic dry bulk freight index (BDI) averages points reached to 975, ranging from 685 to 1338. The transport network monitoring (product installation, buyer, seller), in the first half of this year, the global bulk transport ship company losses, such as the Pacific shipping (stock) losses of $11.97 million, Diana shipping losses of $50.3 million, Eagle Shipping losses of $16.96 million, Scattered Shipping losses of $26.23 million, etc. Despite the negative performance data, the company has both reduced losses and confirmed that the bulk shipping market is recovering.


RecentlyShandong Ocean Shipping also disclosed the results of the first half of this year, the company recorded a revenue of 2.152 billion yuan (RMB, the same below), net profit - 312,000 yuan. According to the semi-annual report, maritime business of shandong with revenue increased by 17.11 % compared with that in last year, mainly benefiting from the increase in freight and the increase in the number of vessels operating. However, the  management expenses of company decreased by 6.1012 million yuan. Compared with the same period of that in last year. We can see from the business situation, Shandong Ocean realized main business profit through a number of measures under the poor market , and performance is much higher than the market average, and it is not so easy to get the achievement.


Established in 2010, listed on the new three board of 2016, Shandong Ocean, its strategic planning not only stated so simple as "business performance is higher than the market average" even more than the traditional shipping business. According to the network of shipping industry, Shandong seaborne has its own business areas including operation and development of Marine emerging industries, operation and management of Marine engineering equipment, international finance lease and warehousing logistics.


Shandong maritime strategic planning, according to "13th Five-Year Plan" period, the company is to become of a listed enterprise group with the "reasonable industrial structure, leading business model, strong core competitiveness, industry leading high visibility, with the whole logistics service supply chain of modern ocean transportation logistics ". BingYu and  Changfeng Gao have been engaged in investment management and have rich experience in capital operation. According to the forecast of shipping network , the "small target" of Shandong Ocean will be to sprint capital market and transfer to capital operation.

To sum up, according to the analysis of maritime transport network , change of executive of Shandong Ocean is of great significance, not only to  the affirmation of the previous management, but also to the expectation of the new managementIn the near future, Shandong Ocean will have a new future in the environment of traditional shipping companies raising their development and improvement.

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