The crew of the M.V Cosco Shipping Rose spoke to China President Mr. Xi Jinping, and the ship sailed through the panama canal at focus of Heads of China and Panama

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The crew of the M.V Cosco Shipping Rose spoke to China President Mr. Xi Jinping, and the ship sailed through the panama canal at focus of Heads of China and Panama

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From Xinhua News Agency reported on December 3RD, China President Mr. Xi Jinping visited the new ship locks of the panama canal together with Panama president Mr. Juan Carlos Varela in Panama city on December 3rd, local time.

When Chinese President Xi Jinping and wife Peng Li yuan arrived the new locks of the Panama, Mr. Juan Carlos Varela and wife Mrs.Castillo welcomed them at the parking area in Panama city. 


Not far away, the ship of M.V Cosco Shipping Rose , full load of containers, was waiting to pass through the first lock. The ship set sailing from Qingdao, China, on October 1st this year. It crossed the Pacific Ocean and travelled through the Atlantic ocean, reached three ports of USA through the Panama canal. It was now passing through the panama canal back.


The heads of two states heard the introduction of the "M/V Cosco Shipping Rose", and company operation of Cosco Shipping Group in Panama.


The two heads of states and their wives waved to the crew of "M/V Cosco Shipping Rose”. The crew waved the national flags of China and Panama back, and greeted to the two heads of states.

Mr. Xi Jinping phoned the captain of the "M/V Cosco Shipping Rose”, caring about the working and living conditions for ship crew . Mr.Xi Jinping said he was glad to speak with the captain and crew of the "M/V Cosco Shipping Rose” in the Panama canal. “We hope that you will make good use of the Panama canal, constantly optimize logistics and transportation, and make greater contribution to the prosperity of national shipping and global trade. I am very concerned about the crew who were sailing far away. Wish everyone work smoothly, sail happily and go home safely. Wish you all the best.”


According to the Shipping Industry Network, captain of "M/V Cosco Shipping Rose" is Captain Wu Wenfeng.

The captain and crew of the "Cosco Shipping Rose" are very excited to hear cordial solicitude and earnest instructions of Mr. Xi Jinping. They thanked President Xi Jinping for his care and greetings to the crew and said they would keep the words in mind from President Xi's and make contributions to sino-foreign economic and trade in practice.


Later, the two heads of states and their wives went to the lock control tower, heard the management and operation of the Panama canal. From the control deck, the two heads of states overlooked the full view of new ship locks and canals. Mr. Juan Carlos Varela introduced to Mr. Xi Jinping the canal history, current situation and future development plans.


When the two heads of states arrived at the control room, Mr. Varela asked Mr. Xi Jinping to click the control computer button, to open the ship lock. As the ship lock opened to both sides, the "Cosco Shipping Rose" slowly passed through the lock. Applause burst in the control room.

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