HGS after sale service

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(Summary description)

HGS after sale service

(Summary description)

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Service Item:Replace camshaft&2 sets rollers of fuel pump,PCV overhaul.

Working Description:

Ø Replacement of the camshaft with new spare was carried out as follows:

    1)Checked the bearings clearance after all covers of the camshaft case removed.

   2)Turned the upper bearing shells out after the bearing covers removed by hydraulic jack, and then lifted the rollers&guide pistons of the fuel pumps up.

    3)Took out the bolts connecting camshaft and the gear side after set the supports in position .

   4)Moved out the camshaft. All parts cleaned&checked, found damage on the roller of No.1 fuel pump, which need to be renewed. And also worn point was found on the upper bearing shell. (ship no have spares for bearing shells, polished& reused after discussed with C/E.)

    5)Fitted back the new camshaft, then remounted the bearing shells and bearing covers.

    6)Connecting bolts fitted back and bearing clearance checked ,found in normal range .

    7)All covers for camshaft recovered.


Ø Replacement of the rollers of two fuel pumps(NO.1pump&spare pump) was carried out as follows:

  1)Removed all the accessory parts&pipes of the fuel pump, removed the fixed bolts.

   2)Lifted the pumps out and fixed on the special rack.

   3)Removed the guide piston, took out the pin for roller, and then took out the roller.


   4)All parts cleaned&checked, such as guide piston, plunger, spring&top housing.

   5)The fuel pump reassembled after the roller replaced with new spare.

   6)All parts fitted back and all bolts tightened by setting torque.


Ø  PCV overhaul was carried out as follows:

   1)Removed the solenoid and then the pcv block.

   2) Dismantled the pcv block, all parts cleaned and checked.

   3)Reassembled the pcv block.

   4)Function test with ship crew, found the pcv worked normally.

The pcv reassembled.

Running test with ship crew.




Ø   After the renew job of camshaft&rollers of fuel pump was done, running test was carried out with C/E ,found all worked normally.

Ø After all job done ,working site cleaned and all tools back to position .

Test result showed the pcv worked normally.

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