New Year's Greetings

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New Year's Greetings

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The land of China welcomes the new era and the year of happiness.Just waving goodbye to the fruitful 2017, and we are expecting a brand new 2018. On the occasion of the Spring Festival, Winkong Marine wish you and your family a bright New Year,healthy and happiness!


2017 is a year of gratitude and a year of steady development.We have a lot of opportunities and challenges.The market shows the light only after so long time, "the year of the Undertaking" is the strength for us to bear our  mission and go ahead.In this year, we continue to strive to build high-quality service and Attentive service, and constantly explore innovation and tap the potential.Winkong launched a strategic goal of "Global Marine Service", dedicated to build global service net for marine industry.Winkong Marine always remember “We deliver on your expectation” and experienced countless day and night fighting, the friends from all walks of life, new and old customers, the broad masses of manufacturers of meticulous care and support, and under all the Confucianism, the sea family silently, finally achieved the historical growth performance!


2017 is a year of exploration and a year of harvest.Concentrate superior forces to take good care of our VIP customers, consolidate and expand on the basis of traditional business and constantly develop new business areas, at the same time, actively yet prudently develop the Asian and European markets, it attaches importance to and strengthens the team's quality construction and talent reserve, deep excavation, and effectively guarantees the sustained and rapid growth of output value.


2017 was the year of branding and Image building.Again to participate in the international maritime exhibitions, the professional and capable team temperament, positive and vigorous spirit made us shine, “Winkong Service Warms The Word"as our business card, it is a glory but also a responsibility.We have to be customer-focused,worthy of "China" and "Service" well. This is the direction and the motivation.


The New Year of 2018 is always full of hope.No matter work or life, is not always the royal road, to better vision into reality, to achieve sustained growth performance, we should surefooted,we should overcome difficulties, rely on collective intelligence, adhere to and carry forward three spirits. The new era,China even launched innovation driving strategy and 2050 plan, how to keep thinking innovation, technology innovation, management innovation, business model innovation, related to a company, and a person's future development.


In 2018, with the theme of "The Creation Year of Winkong". Aiming at "high quality and high speed",let us stand shoulder to shoulder, never forget our original intention, remember our mission, and create a greater Winkong together. Pursue a better life together!


Finally,wish you a happy New Year and all the best.


From Winkong Marine

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